Drones Inspired From Bats, Bees and Octopuses

Scientists have developed drones that move like bats, bees and octopuses. This is a new invention where scientists developing drones that inspired from the natural world. Drones is said to be used in many industries including agriculture, the media, disaster relief and law enforcement.

Researchers from Caltech and the University of Illinois developed “Bat Bot”.

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Bat Bot – It weighs only 93 grams and the shape is like a bat with a roughly one-feet wingspan. It has potential to be significantly more energy efficient than current drones because of its flexible wings.

Researchers at the Wyss Institute are developping “RoboBees”

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RoboBees – are half the size of a paper clip. It weighs less than one-tenth of a gram, and fly using “artificial muscles”. They could be used in agriculture, disaster relief and surveillance.

Researchers in Greece developed an “Underwater Drone” inspired by “Octopus”

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Underwater Robot – has eight-armed, can swim, crawl and carry objects. The researchers hope it can be used to monitor fish populations and underwater environments more discreetly.


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