Driverless Mercedes-Benz F 015

The F 015 was introduced by Mercedez boss Dieter Zetsche on 2015 at the consumer Electronics Show. (“F” is a German prefix denoting “research vehicle” status). F 015 allow people to experience the convenience of roaming around by the car themselves with no driver. This vehicle is pure-electric but has a hydrogen fuel cell that could allow it to travel as much as 900 kilometers without refueling or recharging. It is made of LCD touchscreen which can be replaced in the future to a more updated ones and more responsive OLED technology.

The vehicle has four 32in touchscreens, one in each of its huge doors. The debut of the car was made 2 years ago in Las Vegas. Since then, it’s been on a worldwide tour and more than a quarter of a million people have experienced it up close.

Now check these pictures out for your judgement

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