$1.6 Billion Factory in the U.S from Toyota and Mazda


According to the Japanese automakers in a statement on Friday that the facility would be operational by 2021, but no specification to where it will be built.

This $1.6 billion factory which is an announced plan from Toyota and Mazda will create 4,000 jobs


Mazda – to build new crossover vehicles for the U.S market at the plant.

Toyota – will produce its Corolla model at the plant as well.

This is more likely the bouncing move for President Trump as he threatened to slap a “big border tax” on Toyota cars if the plant isn’t built in the U.S.

The Japanese firm said that, Toyota supposed to build Corolla in Mexico but turns out not anymore. Toyota will then produce Tacoma pick-up trucks at the plant in Mexico and Corolla for U.S

$10 billion Toyota plans to invest in the U.S over next 5 years.

This is another good news to the U.S for more factories then more jobs.


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