President Rodrigo Duterte – Heaven Sent


mayorThis is in connection with the most recent victory happened in Ozamis City, Mindanao Philippines.

“I lived in Oroquieta City just a neighborhood of Ozamis City for many years. When I was around 8 years old up until I decided to leave to study in other place that was in college.

Ozamis city I could say, has a big chance to be one of the most growing city in Mindanao. It is considered as the gateway for businesses. However, as you can even witness if you happened to go there and stay there, it is really an evident that the community is lack of proper attention.

I can still remember the “calling” that we used to utter about “Ozamis city” – A Scary and Notorious place. I totally describe Ozamis city as a very pity place because all people live in Ozamis city are in the hands of Parojinog’s family…

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