Little Angels Nappy Has Chemical Reaction to Newborn Babies?

According to the report, Jordan Bartliff from South Yorkshire complained that his baby suffered a “chemical reaction” to the product.


Jordan Bartliff 1st post:
So, Saturday yesterday morning has to be the worst day of our lives so far,
we opened a fresh pack of new born little angels to put on the baby, we go
to change the nappy an hour later, and these pictures are the results. And
NO he's not allergic to them, that's been rolled out. It looks like a chemi-
cal reaction has been confirmed by the hospital. As he's been wearing the 
same nappies 3 weeks prior to this, with no problems whatsoever. I dont nor-
mally put personal stuff on Facebook but as it's happened to such an inno-
cent little life at 3 weeks old the day it happened who bearing in mind in 5
weeks early, who is now needing an oxygen through a machine because of this.
I wouldn't want it happening to any other little soul, so please be vigilant
and careful with these nappies as it obviously is a bad batch. We swore by
these nappies and use them with our first born before anyone starts saying
their children wear these all the time so do mine. Were heartbroken words 
cannot explain how we feel right now. Please share to make other parents
aware. Thank you

In response to this complain, Asda said that the supermarket chain had started investigating and had made a “nationwide call to remove the product on Monday afternoon”. Furthermore, Asda has withdrawn an own-brand type of newborn nappy after this incident.

Our hearts go out to the Bartliff family” said Asda, following the withdrawal of the product for testing.

Jordan Bartliff update post:
Finally has a second opinion and they finally agree to what I have been say-
ing all along he's rang Asda and they have recalled the newborn nappies so 
if anyone has got them please take them back. My baby is being transferred 
to Sheffield. They are arranging transport as we speak! Share this please, 
take the nappies back and don't use them.

So far, this issue will soon be settled as the owner of the nappies admitted that it is a bad batch.


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