China Opens Movie Theater in South China Sea Island

IMG_8948Some residents and 200 soldiers attended a screening at the new 4k cinema on Woody Island – also known as Yongxing Island. Which is not far from the U.S warship sailed this month to challenge China’s hold on the region nearby Triton Island.

It was the second “freedom-of-navigation operation” during the presidency of Donald Trump” – According to the Defense Department.

It was a serious political and military provocation” -China responded.

Yongxing Island is the largest of the Parcel Islands and is controlled by China since 1974. Apparently both Taiwan and Vietnam claimed as their territory.

However, China has planned and stretching the world’s largest China’s network of movie theaters has been broaden into politically contested waters.

There were some 200 soldiers and residents attended an inaugural screening at a new state-of-the-art cinema on Woody Island on Saturday and was considered as The Eternity of Jiao Yulu – a Chinese documentary from 2014 – said China’s state news service Xinhua. The south China seas is a hotbed of contemporary geopolitical dispute which is the world’s most valuable trade corridors.

From now on, some soldiers and residents will enjoy the film showing everyday at least 1 film to be shown – said Gu Xiaojing, the general manager of Hainan Media Group. The theater is said to be equipped with 4k and 3d projection technology and has two mobile projection system and plans to screen movie for free on other islands within the South China Sea “to meet the demands of the residents.

“It is part of a plan by local cultural authorities to establish community services on islands under the regional government’s jurisdiction” Xinhua said.

On the other hand, most international observers are certain that the opening of the cinema is another move by China to deepen its hold over South China Sea. Countries include to have similar territorial disputes with China are : Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines.

It has believed that South China Sea is rich in fisheries, oil and gas reserves.


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