Kissing of Infants is Dangerous


A simple kiss made Mariana suffer and fight for her life. Nicole and Shane Sifrit welcomed daughter Marina on July 1.

Mariana was diagnosed with meningitis HSV-1 according to her mother. This condition is caused by herpes virus.

“Mariana was not eating and would not wake up when they tried to get her to respond” mother. “It’s horrific,” Nicole Silfrit, “She had quit breathing, and all her organs just started to fail.”

Herpes Meningitis can be caused by bacteria, fungi or other types of germs, and it can be spread through sexual contact or from a woman.

This is quite alarming since infants are the cutest to kiss with. This is rarely to happen, perhaps 1 in 100 child but precautions better than cure.

There is nothing to lose if we just have to be more careful especially infants who are very sensitive in all disease. Simple saying “no kissing for infants” could be enough to avoid this kind of disease.


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