Google, Facebook, Twitter and more in part of a “Day of Action”


“Day of Action” – an online protest of proposed changes to net neutrality rules that would loosen regulations. CNN source.

There were something different appearing to your favorite websites and apps on Wednesday.

There were more than 70,000 sites and organizations and individuals joining in the online protest. One of those Google (GOOG)’s, Twitter (TWTR, Tech30), Facebook (FB, Tech30), Snap (SNAP), Amazon (AMZN, Tech30).

This has been in relation to the regulations passed in 2005 which was to treat all online content the same. On the other hand, without the rules, telecommunications and cable companies could easily slow down, speed up or change anything more for access in all sites they wanted to.

To those companies and organizations who are participating will just post messages on their sites and apps for the day. Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page will not be marching outside FCC headquarters with protest sign though.

Here are some signs and it will vary from site to site;

  • show mimicking image of a slow loading symbol
  • Vimeo will be showing a special video
  • Firefox will link to an FCC comment page
  • Facebook and others are joining but did not share their plans

“Internet users will definitely notice which companies are standing up for their rights and which ones aren’t,” said Evan Greer of Fight the Future.

This would take a long way to debate since some companies are opposing.

Tech companies and websites disagree.

Net Neutrality has serious implications for the adult entertainment industry, particularly the online porn industry,” said Price in a statement. “Internet service providers could create special fast lanes for content providers willing to pay more. That means slow streaming, which, especially in regards to online porn, is quite problematic as you can imagine.”

In addition, the Internet Association — a trade group for the major tech companies — has made special site to “save the open internet”.” smaller companies and individuals also plan to join in.

Greer said, “This is a massive grassroots mobilization.  A lot of the traffic on these days of action coming from individuals with just a few fans on Instagram or twitter sharing on social media, or from the neat and weird nooks and crannies of the internet like online gaming forums, discussion groups, YouTubers and the artist communities.”


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