Electric Car from Tesla’s First Model 3

Elon Musk the proud owner of his company’s first mass market electric car showed off the first Tesla Model 3 Vehicle on Twitter and Instagram over the weekend, shared pictures of the shiny new four-door sedan parked in front of Tesla’s production plant in Fremont, California.

Tesla aimed to provide more vehicles in the following months. Here is the catch;

  1. First 30 customers – will get to drive off in their Model 3 in late July.

Tesla plans to produce according to Musk:

  1. 100 cars in August
  2. 1,500 cars in September
  3. 20,000 cars in December

For those who will make a deposit now will not receive the car before the end of 2018, so probably by early in 2018.

About a year ago, when Tesla opened up for Model 3 pre-orders, it’s just a matter of days there were more than 300,000 customers made a $1,000 deposits to reserved.

The new Model 3 Vehicle costs $35,000, almost half the price of Tesla’s next-cheapest car the Model S.


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