A Teenager Girl Died After Being Bitten By The Snake Multiple Times Because of “Menstrual Hut” Ritual


A Nepali teenager was doing a ritual “Menstrual Hut” where young women separated from their families and made to sleep alone.

Tulasi Shahi, the victim, 19 year old from western Nepal’s Dailekh district have undergone the common practice in which women are considered unclean during menstruation. Shahani had done this ritual many times before. However on Thursday night, Shahi was alone on her uncle’s cowshed floor, the teenager was bitten by a poisonous snake.

Twice, on her head and leg,” Said local district mayor Surya Bahadur.

Shani was first treated using home remedies before taking her to local health center but did not have the stock of anti-venom medicines needed.

It was catastrophic since monsoon rains had flooded in the regions and soon Shani did not make it.

Now, activists in Nepal are campaigning against the continued use of menstruation huts which they claimed the life of the teenager.


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