Hong Kong Preparing to Ban Local Ivory Sales by 2021


Hong Kong customs officers discovered 7,200 kilograms (15, 900 pounds) of Elephant Tusks in Malaysia shipment. This considers as the biggest haul this year.

This happened on Tuesday in a shipment from Malaysia that was labeled as “FROZEN FISH”, said the Customs and Excise Department said.

Hong Kong seized them and displayed samples of tusks shown on the floor together with other giant container ports.

In connection with this, arrest have been made to three people at a trading company in Hong Kong and preparing to ban local ivory sales by 2021.

In accordance with Hong Kong’s customs regulations, “Anyone found importing or exporting endangered species without a license or trying to smuggle such items into or out of the territory faces possible fines and imprisonment”.

This was intentional of illegal transaction since it was labelled as frozen fish. A sign of betrayal in such a good and reputable major transshipment hub in Hong Kong.


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