No Car Trip on Friday, June 30

It has been talked about that this date Friday, June 30 around 2P.M and 5P.M would be the worst window time for traffic.


The July 4 holiday traffic jam is almost here. Fireworks, parades and beaches — result:TRAFFIC.

According to the statement released from Traffic app Waze, it has predicted that June 30 is the worst traffic jam. You can travel on July 3 since the traffic will decrease as much as 92% on that day.

The traffic on July 4 will fall around 3-6PM in Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Aside from that it was also mentioned that July 4th would be the lowest gas prices in 12 years. This time all gasoline tank will full and the roads will be so busy since all cars have gas.

Better manage your shopping galore on these dates, or might as well enjoy the rides on traffic jam.


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