Flying Car in 2018?

Pal-V – The Dutch Company has announced that their flying car is expected to hit in the market by 2018.


It says, the new car is a three-wheeled vehicle which is certified to use on the roads and in the skies. The car can only carry 2 persons. The qualifications of the driver should have driving license and pilot license. The car will cost about $600,000. This car can fly 400 to 500 kilometers at an altitude of up to 3,500 meters.


The company cleared up the specifications of this car. It is the cross-breed vehicle and its not a helicopter. It is called Gyroplane in which the blades are powered by the wind unlike a helicopter which powered by an engine.

The company says it will produce between 50 and 100 vehicles in the first year, before ramping up to “quite a few hundred” in the next following years.

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This is the first flying car announced and probably and even has a big chance to boom this year and the next years ahead. The flying car aimed to avoid traffics along the road and bumpy railways. Come to think of it, if all people have this flying car, I think we should need a traffic lights in the sky, a kind of guards or traffic enforcer to be assigned up high to make sure the safety of the drivers and passengers.

It is more dangerous if cars collided since the fall is high. Of course, we shouldn’t think of an accidents here but these are only some points think. Advantages and disadvantages of this new invention. On the other hand, we believe that before this invention being announced and before it started, they were discussing already the pros and cons and in short, it has planned already how to manage this kind of invention.


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