“Massive Fire flow over London high-rise”

June 14, 2017, Wednesday massive fire from an  apartment in London. The fire has been burning for more than 3 hours and stretches from the second to the 27th floor of the building. There were number of people injured.

This fire prompts the London Fire Brigade to dispatch at least 40 fire engines, 20 ambulance crews and 200 firefighter.


Grenfell Tower in West London – from the second floor up to the top floor, the 27th floor of the said building.

The cause of the fire is still investigating said the London Fire Brigade. Evacuation is ongoing and several people were treated already as they were injured in this incident.

The London Fire Brigade will then announce the cause of this incident as soon as information is available. This will cost then so much damage at the building and to the people as well.

Usually fire at the building will be from electrical malfunction, negligence of some small explosive materials which scattered around the place, or might be a prospect of intentional burning. We will then update you as soon as the right information will come out.


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