Why did Saudi soccer team refuse to pay tribute for London attack?

It was noticed that Saudi Arabia’s national soccer team did not participate in paying tribute for London attack victim which is only a minute of silence to show and empathize the said tragedy.

In this incident, they received criticisms and some of social media users were alarmed! However, a lot of netizens have rejected the issue since observing the minute’s silence may not exist in Saudi’s culture and pointed to different instances of Saudi’s holding silence during sport matches in the past.

This happened on Thursday before the World Cup qualifier in Adelaide were the Australian national soccer team lined up to have silence over the killing of two Australlian women in the said attack.


On the other hand, while Australlian national soccer team was in silence, the Saudi team continued jogging, passing the ball and playing. This made them criticized over their actions.

According to the report of the Asian Football Federation, they have approved the minute’s silence against the wishes of Saudi officials.

A presenter with Fox Sports Australia, the Football Federation of Australia  “tried to reason” with the Saudis” but they could not persuade them to participate” – According to a twwet by Adam Peacock.

It has been said that its not part of their culture to do the minute of silence. This is not supposed to be a big deal since we value and respect each cultural values.

There a lot of countries being attacked but why asked only for the London? how about in the other countries?



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