“Stop “EOG” End Of Grade Test”

It was Adrian Wood posted EOG on Facebook account on May 30 which was shared thousands of times already entitled “Stop the EOG Madness”

This is the case where the 8 year old son from North Carolina was so sick who worried about the testing that he will face at school, but he ended up at the clinic.

The mom said “This is not about standardized testing,” “This is about children, 8-year-olds, so stressed that they are vomiting beforehand still required to sit for 3 hours for two days”.

The test will begin at 3rd grade.


Stop the EOG”

Today I got a phone call from my third grade son who was in the kind nurse’s office and crying. He proceeded to tell me about his jaw and how it was really hurting. I asked if he wanted to come home and he replied that he didn’t he could because of EOGs. Of course you can, I said, it’s just a test. If I don’t pass, I wont go to fourth grade…”

“The mom said, :This is our third year with testing and each year, it travels with tears for someone. My kids are bright and good students and as much as their teachers and I downplay the importance, stress is evident and hurts my heart.”

First of all, EOG is the End Of Year Grade test. this test is quite long because it summarizes and it includes the total learning of the students. This test is good to measure the learning improvement of the students but it shouldn’t make people stressed, or shed tears on this test. The learning process is fun and it aimed to enhance the learning capability of the students. However, it should be on case to case basis.

On this matter, the teacher or the administration should exempt this kind of incident where the kid is sick. Of course, how can a sick boy answer the questions on the test if he is not feeling well like vomiting?

“I think families are so tired of not being heard and it seems our state runs public schools from political angle rather than what is best for our children angle,” “I think our schools are moving in a direction to succeed on tests and our children are suffering.”




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