Mom allowed the snake to bite her 1 year old daughter!

What a terrible choice of allowing 1 year old daughter to be bitten up by a red Ratsnake.

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According to the report a Florida mom who has a 1 year old daughter, the mom let the snake bite her daughter to think that the red Ratsnake is harmless.

The mom posted a video on facebook about how the snake bitten up her child in a face to face contact. The video was removed by the Country Sheriff’s office since they are still investigating the incident.

The mom said : I thought it was “harmless”! “It had bitten me and my son and didn’t leave a mark, several times, So, I thought it was good opportunity to introduce her without actually getting hurt”.

Since they lived on a 9-acre property in rural HIghlands County, Florida. So, she thought it was important for her children to learn how to deal with wild animals.

The mom said, the child was unharmed in the biting incident because the snake’s teeth are too small to actually puncture the skin.”

“The people are too sensitive, they think that I hurt my child intentionally. The people that know me that I would never hurt my children.”

It shows that the mom really finds the snake a pet or a thing to try. FYI the snake is really a snake. You can’t trust a snake regardless of its size, shapes, kinds or colors. It is very dangerous especially to children.

We might say, Yes! no venom! but mind you, what if the snake would strike right directly to the eyes? It might get you blind.

The red rat snake is a brightly colored snake that really catches one’s eye. This snake is also called the corn snake. The snake has the alternative name, corn snake, because farmers used to store corn in large containers, which attracted rodents to eat the corn. In turn, the corn snake or red rat snake could come and feed on the rodents.


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