“Ariana Grande fizzles out while singing on her benefit concert”

The benefit concert ” One Love Manchester” was held on June 4 at Manchester to raise funds for the attack victim on the said place.

Ariana Grande breaks down while singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. She could hardly finish the final song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. She covered her mouth and cried.She was very emotional on singing as she empathize the family victims of the said attack.


The crowd inside Manchester’s Emirates Old Trafford venue of about 50,000 people encouraged her and cheered as a sign of their full support to the said concert.

Flooded with emotions as she tried her best to give meaning on this concert.

The funds raised for this concert will go for those affected by the May 22 bombing inside Manchester Arena. 22 people were killed and more than 100 people were injured.

On the latest, British Red Cross had raised $9 million before the concert had begun – The Associated Press.

Ariana Grande’s performance on this benefit concert is concluded to be emotional as she and other performers have made this successful and made all the victims at least relieved from their griefs.

All the performers on this “One Love Manchester” concert have greatly contributed to all the victims in Manchester.

It is the evident of 50,000 people supported this concert which they believe that to be on this event they were trying themselves to help overcome the tragedy. And for the fact that the funds being raised for this event will go to their emergency funds for the bombing victims.

This is a helpful event which is ideally organized to help people and to make the victims feel that they are not alone. Everybody is helping to show the world that its not the end of everything.


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