“Bomb The Whole Place and Level it to the Ground” – Rodrigo Duterte to end Marawi Philippines Siege

I can end this war in 14 hours, (alam mo bombahan ko lang lahat yan- I will bomb everything), I have ten new jets… all I have to do is bomb the whole place and level it to the ground.” – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

This is the statement of Rodrigo Duterte to end Marawi siege in just 24 hours on Saturday. On the other hand, many innocents and civilians will be in danger and probably could be sacrificed if this would pushed through.

Duterte added: ” But since we are in civilized society, we are a member of United Nations and the Geneva Convention Potocol… (nahihirapan ako- its hard for me) and we had to do it the least maximum collateral damage (lalo-mostly) civilians.”

However, Duterte mentioned to end the fighting  in three days and took full responsibility for the martial law, airstrikes against the local terrorists group.

Duterte expressed his empathy  over the soldiers death who died in a friendly fire and said ” We are sorry that it happened and I hope that this will not be repeated but there is no guarantee… in a war, everything is stretched.”


It was reported that 10 soldiers were killed and 7 are wounded.


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