“My Neighbor Totoro anime fans to spend summer in Nagoya for something special”

A park with a theme : “My Neighbor Totoro” will soon be opened in partnership with the local Aichi Prefecture government which is inspired by the Hayao Miyazaki’s perennially popular 1988 hit. My Neighbor Totoro.


It will be Studio Ghibli who will designed to open in an inspiration of aconic anime film in early 2020’s on the site of 2005 World Expo closer to Nagoya, Japan.

This considers a very special announcement for anime fans of “My Neighbor Totoro”. This would at least commemorate the once popularity of the anime.

My Neighbor Totoro  is considered Miyazaki’s breakthrough film. Re-released and dubbed in English for a wider audience by Disney, the movie introduced Americans unfamiliar with anime to Miyazaki’s signature themes: strong, independent girls as protagonists; whimsical creatures; an imaginative story; and a focus on how families interact with each other and their surrounding environment. – (years ago)



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