“Donald Trump’s Tweets ‘not helping'”

Confidant and Newsmax Media CEO, Chris Ruddy  – “I think these tweets coming out at midnight are not helping his popularity and his standing with the press and the public,” – Rudy told ABC News Chief anchor George Stephanopoulos.


Is there anyone in the administration who could rein in Trump’s social media use?

= The president has to get a handle on it, I predicted it would take about six months for those tweets to become under more of a disciplined review process. – Rudy

Tweets would be the emotional released for Trump’s since he will tweet as easy as a snap about what he likes or anything. It’s like his bursting power.

The statement from Rudy was the reality if you are one of the public places. Tweets are good – Rudy added.

When do we use Tweets?

We can use tweets anytime, all the time, anywhere we are. It is an expression of our feelings and everything we want to express from ourselves.


Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, “tweets”,




The statement of Rudy is a concern to Trump for his popularity and his standing with the press and the public,”

“I personally don’t think – I’m not his legal counsel – he shouldn’t be talking about anything now under criminal investigation and be very careful about that.” Rudy said


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