“America’s Most Misspelled Words”

According to the 90th Scripts National Spelling Bee – Google Trends has released a map of “America’s most misspelled words” which started on May 28 through June 4.


The map here below (taken from Google Trends) breaks down the most commonly searched “how to spell” words by state, according to Google. The map is based from January 1, 2017 to April 30, 2017.

TIMG_3818(taken from Google Twitter account)

Lists of among the common words released:

“pneumonia and beautiful”commonly searched for spelling across the country.

“sense, quote, and nanny” most searched in spelling in Oregon, Idaho and Mississippi.

“tomorrow” is included on the searched spelling just away from residents of Arizona and Colorado.

“maintenance” wonder searched in Texas and Missouri according to Google map.

Spelling of words that should need an individual spelling help is misspelling of “ninety” as “ninty”.

For sure Google will then update their post when updates are available.

Why do you think these words are commonly misspelled?

It is obvious that those words and in the matter of confusing since some words have doubled consonants and vowels. As our researched shows that most of the people would type or write in a shortcut manner. It seems like people are used writing in social media like writing quotes&quotes (“”). Especially using cellphones and other gadgets which encourage you to type in a shortcut manner.

How to eliminate these confusions?

Our team suggested to:

  1. Refrain from using shortcuts when typing or writing especially using gadgets.  (gadgets are addictively convincing to use such acronyms for the purpose of shortening the words, saving screen space to look at it – for smaller screen gadgets, somehow to tell somebody with your own words “like you don’t want other people understands it while they accidentally read your message”, or just to follow or blend in to what the environment is trending.
  2. Read each word as if it is your first. (This is to take focus and internalizing what you’re reading and or writing. It includes understanding of each word).
  3. Do a simple memorization on how the words formed.
  4. Spell the words at least when you encounter them. (Probably spell it aloud for mostly children, or just spell it out on your mind. “mimic” the words.

Well, there is no other people can help you well in getting rid of those erroneous spelling but yourself. You take a big part of your knowledge and it is your responsibility to learn them in your own way. Some advice are helpful as well but every person has its own way of learning. Do the most effective way of your learning. Use your strategies and take also some advice that could help you in other ways.


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